Self Service machine Sonnora® POLARIS Uno A3

Serve your customers something new!

This soft ice cream machine generates ice immediately and automatically. No staff is needed to distribute the ice to customers. Customers serve themselves by dropping money or tokens.

Heat Treatment System (Pasteurization System)
Soft ice cream immediately and automatically
No staffing required
Customers serve themselves
Easy to clean (once a month)
Very lucrative additional business

Let us convince you of these unbeatable arguments:

Waffle Distributor contains 210 waffles
Selection of blends of two flavors
coin mechanism
Heat Treatment System (Pasteurization System)
Choose between automatic and manual heat cycle mode
agitator – rapid cooling prevents separation of liquids
Defrost / Refresh / Recycle / Cook functions
Easy installation, connected to power
Easy disassembly of parts for cleaning (once a month)
Easy to move on wheels (including brakes)

Sonnora® is a registered trademark.
The Sonnora self-service machine is an innovation of Sonnora Eisideen GmbH and is available to us.

Also at our sales partner: Hensing GmbH

Vending machine design. Whether your own company logo, pictures or photo with individual lettering – there are no limits to your creativity. We will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities and find the perfect solution for your business idea.

special price from: 28.990,00 EUR per Piece
Notice: All Prices are without Tax
Technical specifications
External Dimensions 812 x 870 x 1955 mm
Weight 310 kg
Voltage 3 phases to 380-440V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Content of the mixture hopper 2 x 17.5 liters
Cylinder capacity 2.7 liters
Power consumption 4350 W
Capacity per hour 120 waffles
First dosing time approx. 7-10 min
Flavor combinations Mixture of two
Refrigerant R452A
Cost of sales

Take a quick look at a calculation of your goods usage per portion of ice cream here.

Softeismix Vanille


  • Price: 14,90 EUR
  • from 5 Liters: ~65 portions (a 75-85g)
  • Per Ice: = 0,23 EUR


  • Prices: 17,90 EUR
  • Piece: 700
  • Per waffel: = 0,025 EUR

Goods sold

  • Shopping waffle: 0,0025 EUR
  • Portion of ice cream: 0,23 EUR
  • Energy consumption per portion: 0,006 EUR
  • Use of goods per soft ice cream: 0,261 EUR