Sonnora maintenance service

Sonnora soft ice cream machines and ice machines are waiting directly at the manufacturer – a good decision!

As they are food vending machines, gearboxes should be renewed every 2 years to ensure hygienic standards!

Depending on the degree of soiling and the leaks, the machine must be completely disassembled and resealed.
For any other necessary work, a quote is always created first.

Our full service
Pick up the machine at the customer

Check machine for all functions

Check cold medium level

Partly disassemble the machine (depending on the degree of soiling)

Check transmission for leakage

Clean the engine room

Check Engines (Ball Bearing)

Review and check the control boxes, start a new program

Clean the bag dispenser

Cleaning the coin validator

Clean all sheets

Replaced Gaskets for Inlet Pipes

Replace tap head gasket

Replace plastic ring shaft

Replace rubber seal shaft

Sticker 1-2-3 Replace the bag dispenser

Replace coin sticker

Replace Price Label

Replaced declaration labels

Replace Decal Label Bag

Machine with ice in multi-day test run

possibly store the machine

Submit Machine
Before the maintenance
After the maintenance