Self Service Machine Sonnora® Polaris Uno A2

The Polaris Uno A2 ice cream maker combines 50 years of experience with sophisticated, up-to-date technology and high operational reliability. It freezes, portions and sells fully automatically and comes without operators.

Automatic ice cream machine </ dd>
No operator required </ dd>
Stand model with small footprint (ca.05 m²) </ dd>
Easy disassembly during cleaning and maintenance </ dd>
Portion size variable between 60g and about 110g </ dd>
Mixing tank stock control </ dd>
Electronic bag monitoring </ dd>
Electronic control of all functions </ dd>
Built-in counter </ dd>
wheels for easy transport </ dd>

This self-service ice machine is also available second hand. Factory overhauled and with full warranty as a new device.
Incl. Delivery and instruction in the work-free way.

Sonnora® is a registered trademark.
The Sonnora self-service machine is an innovation of Sonnora Eisideen GmbH and is only available from us.

special price from: 13.990,00 EUR per Unit
Notice: All Prices are without Tax
Technical specifications
External Dimensions 845 x 600 x 1920mm
Weight 240 kg
Voltage 3 Phases 380-440V / 50Hz / 60Hz
Content of the mixture hopper 2 x 12 liters
Cylinder capacity 2.7 liters
Power consumption 3000 W
Capacity per hour 120 waffles
First dosing time 7-11 min
Flavor combinations Mixture of two
Refrigerant R404A
Cost of sales

Take a quick look at a calculation of your goods usage per portion of ice cream here.

Softeismix Vanille


  • Price: 14,90 EUR
  • from 5 Liters: ~65 portions (a 75-85g)
  • Per Ice: = 0,23 EUR


  • Prices: 17,90 EUR
  • Piece: 700
  • Per waffel: = 0,025 EUR

Goods sold

  • Shopping waffle: 0,0025 EUR
  • Portion of ice cream: 0,23 EUR
  • Energy consumption per portion: 0,006 EUR
  • Use of goods per soft ice cream: 0,261 EUR