Floor Mounted Polaris 273SH P

Artificial Intelligence Control System
heat treatment (pasteurization system)
agitator – rapid cooling prevents separation of liquids
defrost / refresh / recycle / cook functions
Easy installation, connected to power
Easy to move on wheels
P (model) has Air Pump System
Price: 15.990,00 EUR per Unit
Notice: All Prices are without Tax
Technical specifications
External Dimensions 530 x 830 x 1500mm
Weight 234 kg
Voltage 3 phases 380-440V / 50Hz /
Content of the mixture hopper 2 x 9.5 liters
Cylinder capacity 2.7 liters
Power consumption 4200 W
Capacity per hour 42 Kg
First dosing time 7-11 min
Flavor combinations Two and their mixture
Refrigerant R404A